Seeing the Light

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

So much has happened over the past few years that it’s odd to think about closure paired with continued success. With any luck I’ll be wrapping up my masters program at the end of the year and entering my second year of employment at Kroll. I’ve also been remodeling my home. This isn’t a humblebrag post. If you enjoy doing something it doesn’t automatically become easy. This year has been difficult and not unilaterally successful. Learning experiences? Yes. Fuck-ups? Also yes. Running water? Occasionally. At least no one died as a result.*

I’m excited to get back to punk-rock computing: Using my free time to research/test what I want, how I want, and blog about. That’s why this post exists. I’m kicking the rust off the ol’ WordPress install to make sure it works (I’ve been paying someone to maintain it… did they?) and that I know how to hit the “Publish” button with just the right amount of intensity. (About 4.63 intensities or more.)

There are many new tools I use since I’ve last posted that I’d love to post about. Python 3 + pandas, KAPE, and DeepBlueCLI, etc. I look forward to posting how I use them, what I use them for, and what I think the future of DFIR could look like. Also just about my life, what’s on my mind, and a few links to weird websites that remind me of how the Internet was in 1996. Webrings, anyone? More posts soon!

* That I am aware of.


Seeing the Light